Basic Info

Okuto Oyama. I'm active on the Internet under the name of Oyama-Michinoku, yamanoku. My birthday is October 30, 1989. I was born in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture. I'm male. Currently, I lives in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture. One daughter's father and three cat owners.

Job Info

  • FrontEnd Designer
  • Accessibility Advocator
  • UI Designer

Career Info

I started my career as a Web designer, not as an engineer.

I changed my job as an engineer to concentrate on programming because I thought that I could not understand the basics of what I could and could not do on the browser and could not make expressions and feature proposals that would be pleasing to users, rather than the influence of my previous career when I was in charge of all direction-design programming.

I began my career as a markup engineer, taking basic coding and gradually moving into the frontend engineer space, including jQuery, Ajax communication, task runners, CSS design, and the use of frameworks.

When I aim to become an engineer, there are some things that I want to achieve that I create “A product that has been used for a long time with a strong design”. We believe that we can achieve this not only through engineering, but also through UI design, user experience, and consideration for wider use. It's a difficult task, but I want to do it one by one so that everyone can enjoy better things.

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Product List

Web Accessibility for Beginners.

Photo: Web Accessibility for Beginners.
Presented in the 5th technical book fest. I would like to ask not only engineers but also all people involved with the web to see what kind of measures are available for web accessibility, such as machine-readable web pages, human-readable web pages, and WAI-ARIA web pages.

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ScreenShot: Reading...
I came up with the idea of accumulating and visualizing information about what would happen if I collected and summarized the news that I always watch. It incorporates PWA technology so that it can also be viewed as an offline application.

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Technology Stack

  • Nuxt.js
  • Nuxt PWA
  • vue-paginate
  • axios
  • modern-normalize
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS Lambda Function
  • Netlify
  • CircleCI


Vue Portfolio Template

ScreenShot: Vue Portfolio Template
Portfolio template made by Vue.js. This is the first SPA created from vue cli. I used the Vue 1.0 versions at first, but now I can upgrade it to the Vue 2.0 versions.

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Technology Stack

  • Vue.js
  • vue-cli
  • vue-router
  • webpack
  • PostCSS
  • Netlify


yamanoku CLI

ScreenShot: yamanoku CLI
This is a simple self-introduction tool that can be checked with the CLI. Fork is from sindresorhus.

Technology Stack

  • React.js
  • ink
  • prettier


Convert Pri-para character lines into Slack reaction emoji. The original story is from slack-reaction-decomoji produced by oti.

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Crowding - Coding works

Birthday Countdown

ScreenShot: Birthday Countdown
Counting down to yamanoku's birthday. Amazon's wish list will be released on that day. The next day, it will be reset and counted down again. This product uses TypeScript.
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ScreenShot: glitchrange
A glitch expression tool using JavaScript. To adjust <input type='range'>. You can upload and change the image. Glitched images can also be saved.
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ScreenShot: canvas_browser-crash.js
Represents on canvas the situation that is likely to happen when the browser becomes heavy on Windows OS. The browser is drawn indefinitely by moving the cursor. There is no illegality in this JavaScript.
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ScreenShot: rolling-sushi
Rotating sushi using CSS3 animation.
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